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Our Störy

Introducing The Dörr Hotel

Door County’s newest hotel and Sister Bay’s first hotel in nearly 20 years, The Dörr is a portal to a uniquely distinct guest experience. Offering a fresh new perspective to this cherished second-home to so many, The Dörr prides itself on providing an unforgettable experience for current and future generations, finding the perfect balance between casual and luxury, The Dörr Hotel fills a current void in the premium hotel market in the peninsula, and entrenches Sister Bay as the epicenter and “place to be” in Door County.

About Our Name

Porte des Morts (“Death’s Door”), is the passage between the tip of Door Peninsula and Washington Island. The name “Death’s Door” came from Native American tales, heard by early French explorers and published in greatly embellished form by Hjalmar Holand. Holand described a failed raid by the Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) tribe to capture Washington Island from the rival Potawatomi tribe in the early 1600s. This area was given its name by those tribes to describe the six-mile passage between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. This particular passage was known for being very treacherous. With its ominous storms and shipwrecks thus, the French translated the Native American name to “La Porte des Mortes” or, in English, “The Door of Death” simplified to “Death’s Door”. Its renowned danger eventually inspired “Door,” the name of the county and peninsula today.

A well-known Scandinavian settlement, Door County celebrates its Dutch, Swedish, Icelandic, and Norwegian heritage. The Dörr is named in honor of that heritage, translating to “entry” or “portal.” The name Dörr serves as a promise to our guests: “We are your gateway to your own unique and special Door County experience.”

Door County and Sister Bay

Door County is a regional vacation paradise comprising the peninsula just northeast of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Boasting more than 300 miles of shoreline, visitors are able to enjoy both sunrises and sunsets over the water without ever leaving the county. With hundreds of miles of hiking, thousands of acres of orchards, countless art galleries, and dozens of local shops, pubs and restaurants it’s the perfect place to keep any visitor happy, and well fed. A popular destination for nature and history lovers, Door County boasts five state parks and 11 historic lighthouses.

Sister Bay, which was also called Big Sister Bay at one time, was named in connection with the Sister Islands that flank the harbor opening to Sister Bay. It’s safe to say that only one thing hasn’t changed about Sister Bay in its 100-year history…the view.

Trails and roads were carved through the forest, some to disappear, some to grow larger and more prominent through time. Homes and businesses were built, burned to the ground, rebuilt, moved to new locations, preserved in the family, sold to other people. Families came and went, churches and schools changed personality, much of the land moved to agriculture and then to recreation.

Through it all, the waters of Green Bay lapped at the village’s western shore, and the landscape’s peaks and valleys afforded either a stupendous view from above or access to beaches that were sometimes sun-drenched, sometimes encased in ice or buffeted by winds and waves.


Our Brand Pillars

Good Cheer Starts Here

Whether you’re traveling with a group or your significant other, The Dörr celebrates the spirit of good cheer amongst all. We’re about bringing people together, from making new friends around the fireplace or learning more about your soulmate on a secluded hike around Peninsula State Park. Warm vibes and easy elegance are the backdrop of every visit to the hotel.

Gateway to The Seasons

It’s all in the name. Translating to portal or gateway in Swedish, The Dörr doesn’t just accommodate our guests year-round – we encourage you to go out and experience all the peninsula has to offer in every season. Local partnerships with golf courses, outfitters, marinas and our knowledgeable staff help draft the blueprint for any adventure. Looking to stay indoors? On-property amenities, activities and finishes keep you cozy and engaged no matter what season you stay with us.

A Soft Place to Land

A haven from the winter cold and a respite from a hot summer day, our hotel aptly mimics passing through the fury of Death’s Door into the calm of Green Bay. Like a harbor or port, The Dörr is the perfect place to land at the end of an adventure. Our warm fireplace, cozy library, cold draughts and attentive service make your evenings back at the hotel just as delightful as your daily activities.

Experience Hygge

Staying true to the Scandinavian heritage of the area, The Dörr provides its guests and visitors with a unique experience that instills a certain coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders an overall feeling of contentment and well-being. Something the Danes refer to as Hygge (pronounced “hue-gah” or “hoo-guh”).

By combining traditional elements with a modern aesthetic our guests will feel a difference from the moment they check in. Whether nestling in our luxury cotton linens, or lounging in our expansive two-story lobby with fireplace, we’re committed to providing our guests with a warm feeling and love for Door County that will stay with them long after they’ve returned home.


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